How a Startupper to-be found her Co-Founder with GRLS.app in just 15 days

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Introducing Blue and their journey to finding the right Co-Founder

“Blue” is a startup to-be, born out of a personal need and desire to share thoughts and emotions without judgment. The mission of Blue is emphasised by its social purpose: bridge the gap between those currently facing challenges and those who have overcome similar struggles in the past. The startup aims to offer active and non-judgmental listening, providing a platform for individuals to express themselves and feel understood.

Meet Federica Mariani: an Entrepreneur on a mission

The person and creator behind Blue is Federica Mariani, a student from Bocconi University determined to create her own company.

After validating her concept idea on Instagram and other social media channels, she jumped into this journey. Not after much time she realized this couldn’t be a solo path and started looking for a Co-Founder.

“I thought it would be a very difficult challenge, as Blue was in an embryonic phase, still just a rough idea on paper and, not insignificantly, without any short-term profit. My search began on Instagram and LinkedIn, but it took the right turn when I landed on GRLS.”
Federica Mariani

Looking for a Co-Founder: recognising the need for support

Federica slided into our email (ciao@grls.it) telling us more about her idea and project and leveraging the most powerful tool available to startuppers: the ask for help. 

Right away, we offered her a free trial of one month – because that’s how you support women, offering them actual opportunities – and immediately implemented her search.

“As soon as I realized I wanted someone by my side, I immediately tried to clarify in my mind the type of person I was looking for. I knew I wanted a professional in the field, with skills and knowledge in the psychological field, as these are extremely delicate issues that must be treated with the importance they deserve. However, what I was looking for was a motivated, empathetic person with an entrepreneurial spirit who deeply believed in the project.”

Navigating the Co-Founder Search: leveraging GRLS.app's network

In GRLS, Blue saw the perfect partner to find an open-minded person to join the team as a Co-Founder.

As soon as Federica decided to start her month on GRLS.app, we helped her to better tell the story behind her startup enhancing its employer brand. The tool to communicate mission, values, and Federica’s bio has been the Public Company Profile on Companies Dashboard on GRLS.app. 

Right after the creation of the profile, Blue published its job opening previously reviewed by GRLS in terms of engagement and inclusion: we check each description to assess their inclusiveness.

Last but not least, Blue’s opportunity has been published and shared throughout all our social media channels and newsletters, improving reach, impressions, and consequently the pool of potential candidates.

Finding the right Cultural Fit: assessing potential Co-Founder candidates

The team is the number one reason for failure in startups. That’s why it’s fundamental to check the cultural fit more than the possession of hard skills.

“I believe that personality compatibility is essential for any type of relationship, whether it be personal or professional. Therefore, I was looking for someone as compatible with me as possible, outgoing, cheerful, and empathetic. For such an important role as that of a co-founder, I think it is crucial to have someone with whom you have a compatible personality. Additionally, I was looking for a gentle personality that could balance my strong and fiery character (I'm working on it!), but at the same time, decisive and motivated, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help others. I must admit that with many of the interested individuals I had the pleasure of getting to know through a video call, there was that harmony I was looking for.”

This is even more important when a startup is based on strong values and belongings such as Blue. “GRLS has a network that shares some of my core values: inclusivity and mutual support. Like Blue, GRLS also arises from a social need, and perhaps for this very reason, there was a perfect fit between what I was looking for and what was offered to me” concludes Federica.

The Impact of a New Co-Founder on Blue

Before even the end of the first month, Federica wrote us an email saying she found her Co-Founder.

“The platform is easy to use, immediate, and clear, and thanks to the always active newsletter and social pages, it is dynamic and allows reaching many people. Despite my project being just an idea, without any profit and nothing certain, I received not only excellent Applications through the platform but also many requests via Instagram from people perfectly in line with what I was looking for and extremely motivated. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to meet people interested in the project and willing to help me concretely in the future, while also providing me with excellent food for thought and advice.”

In 15 days her job opening:

  • has generated over 2K impressions through our marketing channels.
  • was seen by 300 people from our network
  • was matched with 200 selected candidates on GRLS.app. 
  • attracted 7 people, later selected by Federica as potential candidates.


We asked Federica, Founder of Blue:

“I firmly believe in the value of community. What I like most are the synergies that a community can create among its participants, making them all feel part of a large group, and consequently stronger, and independent. So, I thought that looking for a co-founder through a community centered on women and work would be a choice completely in line with what I wanted.”

Thank you Federica for trusting us! 

If you are interested in opening a job opportunity on GRLS.app, book a demo to understand how we can support you.


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