Attract, Retain, and Engage Diverse Talent.
GRLS is a unique solution that helps companies work on their culture and communicate it to attract the talent they need.




If you're not talking about your company culture, what you offer, and provide for your team, you're missing out on a significant opportunity.
For 90% of the new generations, especially women and minorities, the primary driver for choosing a job is the company's culture itself. Salary is no longer the top priority.

This means that attracting the right people to your company is increasingly difficult, which can cost businesses up to €300,000 per year.

Using GRLS offers the following advantages

Generate a significant impact in terms of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

Access qualified and on-demand talents.

Build a strong and recognizable Employer Brand.


1. Assessment of corporate reputation and culture
What do people perceive about your organization? What culture are you communicating through your marketing and recruiting strategies? Our AI provides you with a quick sentiment analysis, revealing what people think about your company in terms of culture and diversity.
2. Inclusive Recruiting Process
With our AI, you can generate an inclusive recruiting campaign by setting a few simple parameters. Through the company dashboard, you'll be able to monitor job postings, results, and applications, eliminating any form of discrimination during the selection process.
3. Innovative Events

We have a community of minority individuals in the workforce who rely on GRLS to find employment in inclusive companies. The most sought-after roles are Sales, Marketing, Tech, and Design.

How inclusive is your company?
GRLS's assessment allows you to understand and analyze the perceived sentiment of your company in just [5 minutes].

Our technology analyzes what people think (and say) about your company's perceived culture and how they discuss it online regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Discover a preview of our assessment, fill out this short quiz, and receive tailored strategies for your company.

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