We supported Siemens in attracting female and non-binary talent

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In collaboration with the Career Service of the Polytechnic of Milan and some major Italian universities, Siemens has launched Siemens Accademia Digitale: a precious opportunity for 30 undergraduate and recent graduate engineers from all over Italy involved in a 3-month training course led by Siemens professionals.


In 2024, the Academy reached its 7th edition with an important focus on valorizing differences and promoting inclusion. Siemens’ corporate culture is based, in fact, on investment in female talents and on diversity as a value, from an inclusive perspective and with a focus on each individual’s personal development and skills.

Investment in diversity as a value

This year Siemens, thanks also to the support of Smartive partner for the entire realization of the project, has decided to pay even greater attention to diversity and therefore ensure a pipeline of talents diversified in gender but not only.


The goal was clear: increase the number of female and non-binary candidates.


For this reason, Siemens and Smartive have decided to rely on GRLS for the promotion of the initiative towards our pool of people, as well as our social community.

GRLS.app: diverse talent pool

To support Siemens in achieving its Diversity and Inclusion goal, the first fundamental step was to create a company profile on the proprietary GRLS.app platform.


The profile allows companies to tell themselves about themselves to the GRLS community, thus talking about their values, their culture and their commitment in terms of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

The same profile also acts as a repository of all the job offers and opportunities that companies make available to our user base.


In fact, at the same time as the company profile, a professional opportunity dedicated to the Siemens Digital Academy powered by Smartive was created.

Once online, our proprietary matching algorithm identified the people most in line with the offer and sent them a notification inviting them to apply.

Increased awareness thanks to the dedicated media campaign

At the same time as publishing the opportunity on GRLS.app, we enhanced the success of the collaboration thanks to a dedicated media campaign on our social channels – in particular Instagram and LinkedIn.


With a social community of over 20K people, the contents dedicated to the Siemens Digital Academy reached over 3K people who had the opportunity to apply directly on the Siemens website.


Our contents imagined for the new generations of minorities in the world of work seek to convey professional opportunities through a language in line with the expectations of the target audience. 


In particular, on Instagram, we recorded and published a short video in the form of a reel to talk about the Siemens Digital Academy and invite potential talents to actively participate.

The results of the collaboration

The goal of increasing the number of female candidates at the Siemens Digital Academy was largely achieved.


More than 150 people interacted on the GRLS.app with the Siemens opportunity and over 3000 people were reached by the organic reel published on the GRLS Instagram channel.

"The intuitive interface and ease of use of the platform allowed us to achieve and - even exceed - the objectives we had set ourselves. We were extremely satisfied with this collaboration and the synergy created with the GRLS team."
Smartive x Siemens


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